Difference: ResetPassword (r8 vs. r7)

Request for reset of password

Reset Password

Please only If you didn't forget your password, use this ResetPassword form in case you really forgot your password. Otherwise just change it using ChangePassword. Thank to change it to a new one. Otherwise, use this form to get a new one e-mailed to you. Your LoginName is listed on TWikiUsers.

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ALERT! Note: you must have at least one valid registered e-mail to be able to reset your password. If none of your registered e-mail addresses is valid, and you have forgotten your password, contact P.B.Cheblakov@inpREMOVE.nsk.su.

After submitting this form you will see a page with your new password appearing encrypted.

Your LoginName: **

You After submitting this form, you will have to receive an e-mail this information to with your new, the Wiki webmaster, P.B.Cheblakov@inpREMOVE.nsk.susystem-generated, who will set password, and a link your account to use the new password. a page where you can change it.

Note to administrator: If you continue to have problems, please e-mail The reset password form applies only if TWiki uses Basic Authentication, e.g. a P.B.Cheblakov@inpREMOVE.nsk.su.htpassword for help. file managed by TWiki. It does not apply if you are using external authentication, such as an IT managed password system. (remove this note if you are using Basic Authentication; replace this topic with a note describing how to reset the password in your organization)

Note to administrator: This form applies only if TWiki uses a {PasswordManager} that supports changing passwords (e.g. TWiki::Users::HtPasswdUser). Otherwise replace this topic with a note describing how to change the password in your organization). See TWikiUserAuthentication for more information.

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