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Welcome to TWiki, a web-based Web-based collaboration tool, document management tool, and knowledge base tool. This is the place to learn about the tool. it, download it, and try it out for yourself. Powered by TWikiThe TWiki TM home is
at http://TWiki.org/

Starting points at the TWiki.TWiki web:

Starting points

  • WelcomeGuest: Start here for a TWiki crash course.
  • TWikiRegistration: Create an TWiki account in order to edit topics and customize services. explore customization features.

User Guide

  • A collection of single-page topics: clear, concise how-to guides designed for busy TWiki users. (TWiki power users will also benefit from browsing the Webmaster Reference.)
    • TWikiSite: Brief TWiki backgrounder: first backgrounder - first, there was Wiki...
    • WikiSyntax: TWiki language basics. basics
    • TWikiFAQ: The first things people ask about TWiki. TWiki
    • TextFormattingFAQ: Most-requested facts about posting in TWiki. TWiki
    • TWikiTutorial: A TWiki quick start alternative. alternative
    • GoodStyle: Tips for an open collaboration environment. environment
    • TextFormattingRules: The full power of TWiki layed syntax out on a page. page
    • TWikiVariables: Use simple text strings to place copy, graphics, menus, lots more. more
    • FileAttachments: Upload files to any topic, for display or distribution. distribution
    • HandlingTopics: Rename, move, delete pages. pages

Webmaster Reference

  • Documentation for Webmasters, system administrators, anyone interested project managers, team leaders, everyone with an interest in installing and fine-tuning a world-class TWiki Web collaboration site. TWiki power users will also benefit from browsing this collection.
  • WebSearch: Full text search of the TWiki.TWiki web.
  •    (More options in WebSearch)
  • WebChanges: Find out recent modifications to the TWiki.TWiki web.
  • WebIndex: Display all TWiki.TWiki topics in alphabetical order.
  • WebNotify: Subscribe to be automatically notified when something changes in the TWiki.TWiki web.
  • WebStatistics: View access statistics of the TWiki.TWiki web.
  • WebPreferences: Preferences of the TWiki.TWiki web.
  • TWikiPreferences: TWiki site-level preferences .


  • You are currently in the TWiki.TWiki web. The color code for this web is a light orange background, so you know where you are.
  • If you are not familiar with the TWiki collaboration tool, please visit WelcomeGuest first.
  • TWiki TM is a trademark of PeterThoeny

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