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Personal Info AddOn Documentation

User personalisation and reference tool.

See PersonalInfoAddOn for an introduction and installation instructions.
This topic is meant for administrators and serves as introduction springboard to PersonalInfoAddOn topics. Keep this topic as reference.

Reference for administrators

Distribution files:

All these files need to reside in your user web (by default Main).

Diagram of main pages

Diagram of main pages

Documentation of the INCLUDE sections in PersonalInfo.


This block is intended as a quick introduction of the user (picture!) and to provide the most common information at hand. It makes it easy to edit the data "on the fly".

This block is included on every user page when PersonalInfoUserViewTemplate is set as view template:

To set PersonalInfoUserViewTemplate as view template, follow these steps:
  1. Include the personal info block in existing pages using either of these 2 methods:
    • by editing files using the file system: add this line at the bottom:
         %META:PREFERENCE{name="VIEW_TEMPLATE" title="VIEW_TEMPLATE" type="Local" value="PersonalInfoUserView"}%
      Make sure the topic ends with a newline.
    • or by editing topics using a web interface: set the preference * Local VIEW_TEMPLATE = PersonalInfoUserView
  2. To have this set automatically for new users, change the last line in TWiki.NewUserTemplate to
       %META:PREFERENCE{name="VIEW_TEMPLATE" title="VIEW_TEMPLATE" type="Local" value="PersonalInfoUserView"}%

To customize which fields are displayed, follow these steps:

  1. Add the custom fields and field formats to the table in TWiki.UserForm.
    Below is an example, so change the fields as you like, but keep the fields Picture and WorkStatus (including the value 'Current') (both fields are not displayed to the user in topic view). In the current setup the value for WorkStatus can be set when editing the topic.
    | Picture | label | 1 |  |  | H |
    | <nop>WorkStatus | select | 1 | Current, Former |  | H |
    | <nop>WorkEmail | text | 40 |  |  | H |
    | <nop>WorkPhone | text | 40 |  |  | H |
    | <nop>WorkPhoneMobile | text | 40 |  |  | H |
    | <nop>WorkLocation | text | 40 |  |  | H |
  2. Edit PersonalInfo and write the fields and field labels by editing the INCLUDE variables. The variable fieldName corresponds to the field names in UserForm. The variable label can be any text you wish.
  3. If you want to change the layout:

Some more indepth information what happens when the user saves her data:

  • When AllowRedirectUrl is enabled in configure, topic PersonalInfo will be saved as well. This setting is not advisable for public installations, but is ok for intranets.
  • If TWiki:Plugins/AttachContentPlugin is enabled, on saving PersonalInfo the javascript attachment for directSearch will be saved as well.
  • The javascript file will make directSearch quite a bit faster. If AttachContentPlugin is not installed, the search will fall back on TWiki's (slower) live search.
  • The same idea may be used to create an XML file, this is turned off for performance. See phoneListXML.
  • Warning, important On large intranets this will have a performance hit. Possibly a different timing of updating the javascript will be needed.

This include is written in PersonalInfoUserViewTemplate:

%INCLUDE{"PersonalInfo" section="personalInfo"}%

Pointing hand Creates:

E-mail for contact:
Mobile phone:


Creates a search box to directly find users with their WorkPhone number.

When AttachContentPlugin is enabled, an updated javascript file attachment is created each time PersonalInfo is saved. This will make loading of the directSearch module a lot faster.

To disable the auto-creation of the attachment, change PersonalInfo#createDirectSearchAttachment: change %STARTATTACH{ to %<nop>STARTATTACH{


%INCLUDE{"PersonalInfo" section="directSearch" title="*Phone list*" maxresults="10"}%

Parameter Description Default value
title Title above the input box no title
maxresults The number of users that are displayed; use -1 to show all users 12
inputfieldsize The width of the input field 12

Pointing hand Creates:

Phone list

(try to find John Doe - the PersonalInfoDemoUser - by either first or last name)


Creates a bullet list of users. Listed users have a field WorkPhone and have the value Current at field WorkStatus.


%INCLUDE{"PersonalInfo" section="phoneList"}%

Pointing hand View phoneList


Creates a list of user data in XML format. Listed users have a field WorkPhone and have the value Current at field WorkStatus.

The auto-generation of an XML attachment is turned off for performance. To create the XML file, remove the <nop> from the beginning of STARTATTACH at PersonalInfo:createPhoneListXMLAttachment.



Pointing hand View phoneList XML

If the XML has been saved as file:


Pointing hand PhoneList XML file


Creates a bullet list of all users in an empty page. This might be useful for live searches using AJAX.

Call the topic with url:

... where the search characters come after the q=

Pointing hand View personalSearch with the letter 'a'


Creates a table of all users.

Usage: create a topic and write the line:

%INCLUDE{"PersonalInfo" section="tableOfAllUsers"}%
or use the url:

Pointing hand Printable list


Creates a grid view of all user pictures.


  • imgHeight - height of the pictures

Usage: create a topic and write the line:

%INCLUDE{"PersonalInfo" section="pictures" title="Face book" imgHeight="100"}%
or use the url:

Pointing hand See PersonalInfoFaceBook

Note: for performance this topic uses TWiki:Plugins/VarCachePlugin if installed and enabled.


Quickly sift through user pictures.

This module adds a search box to the picture grid.

Pointing hand See the example on PersonalInfoFaceBook

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