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Public PV name in Database Comments
PSC mode control PVs
$(PriSys)$(PS)Rst-Cmd System Reset / System Normal
$(PriSys)$(PS)Enbl-Cmd PSC Enable /Disable
$(PriSys)$(PS)RampEnbl-Cmd Ramping Enable /Diable
$(PriSys)$(PS)Mode-Sel Stop/Raming Mode/Static Mode
PSI Digital ouput PVs
$(PriSys)$(PS)DoutMode-Sel Digital ouput mode: Static(level) / Pulse
$(PriSys)$(PS)DoutPlsWdt-SP Digital pulse mode pulse width (ms)
$(PriSys)$(PS)Dout1-Cmd Digital output 1 value
$(PriSys)$(PS)Dout2-Cmd Digital output 2 value
$(PriSys)$(PS)Dout3-Cmd Digital output 3 value
$(PriSys)$(PS)Dout4-Cmd Digital output 4 value
$(PriSys)$(PS)Dout5-Cmd Digital output 5 value
$(PriSys)$(PS)Dout6-Cmd Digital output 6 value
$(PriSys)$(PS)Dout7-Cmd Digital output 7 value
$(PriSys)$(PS)Dout8-Cmd Digital output 8 value
Clock control PVs
$(PriSys)$(PS)ClkSrc-Sel Setpoint update clock source: external(from backplane)/internal 10Khz
$(PriSys)$(PS)ClkDivd-SP Clock divider factor (0: /1; 1:/2; …. 254/255)
PSI Setpoint
$(PriSys)$(PS)Sp1-SP DAC 1 Setpoint (20-bit)
$(PriSys)$(PS)Sp2-SP DAC 2 Setpoint (20-bit)
Ramping Control PVs
$(PriSys)$(PS)ActvTbl1-Sel DAC 1 active ramping table (0-15)
$(PriSys)$(PS)ActvTbl2-Sel DAC 2 active ramping table (16-31)
$(PriSys)$(PS)InActvTbl1-Sel Inactive ramping table for download (0-15 for DAC1; 16-31 for DAC2)
$(PriSys)$(PS)PscLoadingRamp-I PSC ramping table download indication (Loading, or Done)
Break Operation Control PVs
$(PriSys)$(PS)BrkRate1-SP DAC 1 braek rate set
$(PriSys)$(PS)BrkEnd1-SP DAC 1 braek end setpoint point
$(PriSys)$(PS)BrkCmd1-Cmd DAC 1 braek command (Break, No Break)
$(PriSys)$(PS)BrkRate2-SP DAC 2 braek rate set
$(PriSys)$(PS)BrkEnd2-SP DAC 2 braek end setpoint point
$(PriSys)$(PS)BrkCmd2-Cmd DAC 2 braek command (Break, No Break)
PSC Status PVs
$(PriSys)$(PS)PscFrountT-I PSC main board temperature
$(PriSys)$(PS)PscRearT-I PSC rear board temperature
$(PriSys)$(PS)PscIP-I Last byte of PSC IP address (192.168.1.x)
$(PriSys)$(PS)PscDDR2Check-I DDR2 memory check during bootloading (Good/Failed)
$(PriSys)$(PS)PscFiberSd-I Fiber link between PSC/PSI status (Good/Failed)
PSI Digital Input PVs
$(PriSys)$(PS)PsiBin15-Sts Digital input 15 value
$(PriSys)$(PS)PsiBin14-Sts Digital input 14 value
$(PriSys)$(PS)PsiBin13-Sts Digital input 13 value
$(PriSys)$(PS)PsiBin12-Sts Digital input 12 value
$(PriSys)$(PS)PsiBin11-Sts Digital input 11 value
$(PriSys)$(PS)PsiBin10-Sts Digital input 10 value
$(PriSys)$(PS)PsiBin9-Sts Digital input 9 value
$(PriSys)$(PS)PsiBin8-Sts Digital input 8 value
$(PriSys)$(PS)PsiBin7-Sts Digital input 7 value
$(PriSys)$(PS)PsiBin6-Sts Digital input 6 value
$(PriSys)$(PS)PsiBin5-Sts Digital input 5 value
$(PriSys)$(PS)PsiBin4-Sts Digital input 4 value
$(PriSys)$(PS)PsiBin3-Sts Digital input 3 value
$(PriSys)$(PS)PsiBin2-Sts Digital input 2 value
$(PriSys)$(PS)PsiBin1-Sts Digital input 1 value
$(PriSys)$(PS)PsiBin0-Sts Digital input 0 value
ADC readbacks single reading For both single/dual PSI
$(PriSys)$(PS)ADC1-I ADC1 value (precision 10Khz)
$(PriSys)$(PS)ADC2-I ADC2 value (precision 10Khz)
$(PriSys)$(PS)ADC17-I ADC17 value (precision 100KHz)
$(PriSys)$(PS)ADC3-I ADC3 value
$(PriSys)$(PS)ADC4-I ADC4 value
$(PriSys)$(PS)ADC5-I ADC5 value
$(PriSys)$(PS)ADC6-I ADC6 value
$(PriSys)$(PS)ADC7-I ADC7 value
$(PriSys)$(PS)ADC8-I ADC8 value
ADC readbacks single reading Only avaible for dual PSI
$(PriSys)$(PS)ADC9-I ADC9 value (precision 10Khz)
$(PriSys)$(PS)ADC10-I ADC10 value (precision 10Khz)
$(PriSys)$(PS)ADC18-I ADC18 value (precision 100KHz)
$(PriSys)$(PS)ADC11-I ADC11 value
$(PriSys)$(PS)ADC12-I ADC12 value
$(PriSys)$(PS)ADC13-I ADC13 value
$(PriSys)$(PS)ADC14-I ADC14 value
$(PriSys)$(PS)ADC15-I ADC15 value
$(PriSys)$(PS)ADC16-I ADC16 value
ADCs real time waveforms readback

All 9 ADCs readbacks (1KHz; corresponding 1st DAC channel) are line up

in this waveform (order: ADC1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,17). Each has 1280 points.


All 9 ADCs readbacks (1KHz; corresponding 2st DAC channel) are line up

in this waveform (order: ADC9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,18). Each has 1280 points.

$(PriSys)$(PS)AdcWf3-Asub-I.VALA One 10KHz ADC waveform. (Selectable from ADC1--ADC16)
$(PriSys)$(PS)AdcWf4-Asub-I.VALA One 10KHz ADC waveform. (Selectable from ADC1--ADC16)
$(PriSys)$(PS)AdcID1-Sel ADC channel selection for $(PriSys)$(PS)AdcWf3-Asub-I.VALA
$(PriSys)$(PS)AdcID2-Sel ADC channel selection for $(PriSys)$(PS)AdcWf4-Asub-I.VALA


-- PavelCheblakov - 09 Nov 2010

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