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plx_pci на


Initial commit:;a=blob;f=drivers/net/can/sja1000/plx_pci.c;h=4aff4070db96236a90229380cebcf1e2e7f1e53c;hb=HEAD


Main changes:

Some changes have been done on the common code:
 - esd boards must not have the 2nd local interupt enabled (PLX9030/9050)
 - a new path for PLX9056/PEX8311 chips has been added 
 - new plx9056 reset function has been implemented
 - struct plx_card_info got a reset function entry

In detail the following additional boards are now supported:

       CAN-PCI/200 (PCI)
       CAN-PCI/266 (PCI)
       CAN-PMC266 (PMC module)
       CAN-PCIe/2000 (PCI Express)
       CAN-CPCI/200 (Compact PCI, 3U)
       CAN-PCI104 (PCI104);a=history;f=drivers/net/can/sja1000/plx_pci.c;h=437b5c716a2426aeac6157808b0539976db0515a;hb=HEAD

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